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Effective July 2020, the Internet communication encryption method will be changed to "TLS1.2".
After the change, please be careful when using smartphones, PCs, browsers, etc. that do not support TLS1.2.

Devices/OS that will no longer be available

  • Android4.4.4 or lower
  • iOS 5.0.1 or lower

Available Browsers

Please use the following browsers to view our website.

Recommended Browser version
Google Chrome after 93
Microsoft Edge after 92
Mozilla FireFox 91 and after
Apple Safari 14.1 or later

If you use a browser other than our recommended browser, the site may not function properly or the site content may not be displayed correctly.
Internet Explorer is no longer officially supported by Microsoft and will be removed from our list of recommended browsers on September 15, 2021.
Please note that even if a browser is recommended, it may not be usable depending on your settings and other factors.
The recommended environment may change due to updated versions of browsers and OS.